Live in the end, Vortrag

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Vortrag: Live in the end / Lebe im Ziel

Vortrag von Neville Goddard am 19.07.1968

Englisch: Live in the end

I dare say that everyone here would say, “Yes,” to the statement of Scripture, “WithGod, all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27)

I don’t think you’d be here if you did not believe in God, and the God to whom allthings are possible. But maybe we stop right there, and we separate man from God,and my purpose is to show you that we are not two, that we are One –that Godactually became man, that man may become God.

So, let us, now tonight, give you my reasons for my claims. We turn to the book ofJohn –the Gospel of John, and we are told that, “The Word became flesh anddwelt among us,” (John 1:14). Well, that’s a mistranslation. The word translated“among” is the Greek preposition “in,” “within.” “The Word became flesh anddwelt within us” –“in us.” (John 1:14)

John used the plural “us” for the nature whereof we consist, that the Word of God,which is defined in Scripture as the creative power of God and the Wisdom ofGod, did not take upon Itself some one person amongmen, for then that oneassumed would have advanced, and no more; but Christ, to save all, did not makethis man or that man his habitation, but “dwelt in us.”

That same creative Word that created the universe, and sustains it, dwells in us!Therefore, “with God all things are possible,” (Mark 10:27) and therefore withMan all things are possible. So, he states it in one book, Matthew, “With God allthings are possible” but in Mark he states it, “All things are possible to him” –meaning man –“who believes.” Can man believe?

So, this Creative Word is in us. Well, what is this Creative Word? It’s your ownwonderful human imagination! That’s Christ in man. Man is all imagination, andGod is man, and exists in us, and we in Him. The eternal body of man is theimagination, and that is Christ Himself the divine body Jesus; and we are hismembers.

So, when you say, “I am,” that’s He. Now, can you believe that you are now theman that you would like to be, though at the moment of your assumption, reasondenies it? And your senses deny it? Can you really conceive a scene –a scene,which if true, would imply the fulfillment of your dream? Just imagine it. Certainlyyou can imagine it, but the problem is: will you believe it? Will you believe in thereality of the thing imagined?

If I could this very moment imagine myself into a state –any state at all –anddwell in it, well now, what is “dwelling in it”? Well, I’m dwelling in it. Well, that’sChrist! And that is the resurrecting power of the universe. So, if I remain in a state,I will resurrect it and objectify it in my world. But I have to select it and enter thestate. If the spectator could enter into any of these states in his imagination,approaching the state on the fiery chariot of his contemplative thought –whatwould it be like if it were true? How would I feel if I were now the man that Iwould like to be? How would I know that I could become it?

Well, first, as I assume that I am it, let me think of my friends –those who reallywould rejoice with mewere it true. Let me imagine that I am seeing them in mymind’s eye. How do they see me? If what I am assuming is true, they should seeme as I am seeing myself, and if they are friends, they should rejoice with me. So,let me now assume that I am seeing reflected on the face of a friend that which, if Isaw it, would imply he sees in me that which I have assumed that I am. Will thatwork? Try it! I tell you, from my own personal experience, it works.

As we are told in Corinthians, “Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?Unless, of course, you fail to meet the test.” (II Corinthians 13:5, Moffatt’stranslation) Now we are challenged. He says, “Come, test yourself and see.” (IICorinthians 13:5, Moffatt)

Well, this is how I test myself: If Christ is in me, and all things are possible toChrist, then I must find out who he is. Well, I have found him as my ownwonderful human imagination, and because he dwells –not only in me, he dwellsin us –everything is possible to everyone in the world. And, so, you help man bestby telling him who Christ is. You could give him all the things in the world that heneeds, he’ll come back for more tomorrow unless he knows who Christ is.

You can give the entire world to any one of them: they’ll spend it –waste it–ifthey don’t know who they are. But tell him who he is –and he doesn’t needanything more than the knowledge of who he is and the application of thatknowledge, for we are the operant power. It doesn’t work itself! I can tell you thatyour imaginationis Christ, and maybe you’ll believe me, but unless you actuallytake it to the point of working upon it and operating it, it means nothing.

Well, if, this night, I really believe it, I would not allow the sun to go down in mysleep unless I feel myself right into the situation of the wish fulfilled. It need not bea wish for myself; it could be a wish for a friend, for everyone in the world,because Christ dwells in all, and Christ is the true identity of every man, then everyone must be myself “pushed out.” There can’t be another if God is one,therefore, I tell myself, as the seeming other, what I would do if I were you, and instead of giving him the thing that he needs physically, tell him how to get it forhimself.

What would you feel like if now you were the man that you want to be? Howwould you see the world if things were as you desire them to be?

Now, this is what I mean by “living in the end.” Robert Frost, just the year beforehe departed this sphere, wrote this story for Life Magazine; and he said, “TheFounding Fathers did not believe in the future” –what a shock, that they did notbelieve in the future! They “believed it in.” He said, “We are always imaginingahead of our evidence,” and the most creative thing in man is to believe a thing in.They had no evidence to support their claim to democracy. They were under a kingwhen they threw the king away and began to simply build a concept of the future.They did not believe that the mere passage of time would bring them that dream;they believed it in, and these men believed implicitly in the Word of God. And theybelieved that if I know what I want when I pray, believe that I have received it, andI will. Well, if that precept is true –literally true –to be accepted literally andfulfilled literally –well, then, what am I doing not believing?

I should actually know exactly what I would like to be, and, discovering what Iwould like to be against what I seem to be, dare to assume that I am it! And my assumption, though false, if persisted in,would harden into fact. That I know from my own experience, and I know it’s a law, therefore, if someone is not becoming the man that he would like to be, and they tell me, “Well, I once imagined it and it didn’t work,” then what are you doing now and still not imagining it?

If imagining creates reality, what are you imagining? For, if Christ is the only creative power in the universe, and I identify Him with my own imagination, well,then, my imagination is creating reality. So what am I imagining?

Pick up the morning’s paper, and I am fed with everything I should not feast upon–all the horrors of the world, all the negative states of the world; after having readit for an hour, then I must either regurgitate or in some strange way rub it out,because I can’t go through life feeding upon such nonsense. But if I really knowwhat I want, what you want, what we want, and persuade myself that we have it –if my premise is sound that imagining creates reality, I should in the not-distantfuture hear you tell me that it’s worked for you, and another one tells me, and I inturn tell you, and go through life sharing this marvelous news to others.

So, I say, live as though it were true –just as though it were true. That passage ofShakespeare –we have been taught from the primal state that he which is, waswished until he were. Here we find it in Caesar, “He which is was wished until hewere.” [Julius Caesar, by Wm. Shakespeare] He wasn’t born Caesar, the king, buthere was an ambition fulfilled,because he was wished into it. He desired it, livedin the state, and everything reshuffled itself to conform to that state to which hewas faithful.

I see it in my immediate circle: those who you would not even think for onemoment would become prominent, but they desire to be prominent; those whodesire to be successful, as they conceive success –no two see success in the samemanner. Some see it through the eyes of wealth, others through rising in someprofession, others in some other manner –well, whatever they conceive it to be,they now realize it, if night after night they sleep in the assumption that they arenow what they would like to be. So we go back: if the Word is truly the Word thatcreates the system in which we live, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Wordwas with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) “By Him all things were made,and without Him was not anything made that was made,” (John 1:3) –no, not eventhe so-called unlovely things, for if all things were made, he has to be responsiblefor the unlovely things as well.

So, we are told in Scripture, “I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal,”(Deuteronomy 32:39) –I create the blessing; I create the curses, but, now, I mustchoose life. Choose the lovely things but don’t say there’s another creator, for ifthere is another creator then we are in conflict. So, my own imagination canconjure unlovely things if I dwell upon them, or the lovely things, but there can’tbe two gods. There can’t be two creators. And if I can findthat Creator andidentify Him with my own wonderful human imagination, then I can’t pass thebuck. I can’t turn to anything and blame it for the things happening in my life.

I know many of us are not discriminating, and when we see our own harvest, wedon’t recognize it. We can’t conceive that we, in some strange manner, permittedthese things to be entertained by us. But we did! It could not have come to pass inany other way. So, if I believe it and accept it –well, then I will live by it, and thenwhen I know what I want for anyone –and this goes for everything in this world.

Well, then, now –this very instant, you desire happiness in marriage. You say,“Well, there’s not one person in my world that is eligible. I know no one.” Youdon’t have to know anyone. All you have to do is to decide within yourself whatyou want. Now, what would you do if it were true? Would you wear a ring on theone finger that would imply that some one placed it there? one that you admire?Well, then, wear it there. Don’t wear a physical ring. Put it on just as though he hadplaced it there, and sleep feeling that which you are feeling is real. Don’t say, “It’sall imagination.” Certainly it is, because all imagination is Christ, therefore, it’s allreality. So, when you say, “That’s only my imagination,” well, you are just saying,“That’s only a thing called Christ when you treat imagination that way.

Is there anything in this world that wasn’t first imagined? Name one thing or pointat one thing in this world for me that is now considered to be real that wasn’t firstonly imagined. What is now proved was once only imagined. Therefore, this is atrue statement, “All things were made by Him.” (John 1:3) and He is your ownwonderful human imagination. All objective reality is solely produced throughimagining. The clothes you wear, the chairs on which you are seated, this in whichwe are now placed –everything was once only imagined.

Now tonight, find out exactly what you –not what they think you ought to want –what you want. Ask no one’s permission. You don’t need any one’s permission;you only need your own decision. What do I want? Now, what would it be like if itwere true? Now catch the mood, and try to give that mood all the sensory vividnessof reality –all the tonesof reality, and then sleep in it just as though it were true.And then await the inevitable.

The inevitable is that you are going to resurrect it and objectify it on the screen ofspace, and then the world will call it real, and they may not believe you.It doesn’treally matter. If you tell them it came to pass because you simply imagined it –no,they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit tothe bridge of incidents, across which you walked towards the fulfillment of thatstate, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause. No, the causeis invisible, for the cause is God, and God is invisible to mortal eye.

Who knows what you are imagining? No one knows, but you can sit down andimagine, and noone can stop you from doing it, but can you give reality to theimagined state? If you do, yes, a bridge of incidents will appear in your world, andyou’ll walk across some series of events leading up to the fulfillment of theimaginal state. But don’t give causation to any physical step that you took towardsthe fulfillment of it.

You imagine yourself having a marvelous business, and then comes the day abuilding is for sale and you haven’t a nickel towards it, and a total –not a totalstranger, but a man comes in and asks you quite in a friendly manner, “Are yougoing to buy it?” And knowing you don’t have a penny, you say to him, as would afriend to a friend, “With what?” And then he says, “Well, I have money. It’s onlyin the bank drawing nothing.” You say, “Well, I have no collateral.” But he says,“I’ve watched you. You are an honest person, your family –they are honest –Ithink they are. Would you like me to buy it for you and get my lawyer to bid for it?If they knew that I am bidding, they knowthat I have money, they will bid me up,and so I’ll get it at the very lowest price by getting a lawyer who represents morethan one client, and they do not know whom he represents, and he’ll bid for it. Areyou willing to take it, regardless of the price?” and you say, “Yes, I’ll take it, but Ihave no collateral."

“All I need is your signature that you will simply pay six percent of whatever theprice is, and then reduce that principal over a period of ten years. Agreed?”

“Yes.”“Well, then, sign this, and we’ll see if we can buy it.”

That day you own the building, and you don’t have one nickel when you own thebuilding that day! You only had your signature on a piece of paper. At the end of10 years you repay the man his principal; you reduce it every year, pay him sixpercent on the remaining principal, and reduce the entire thing at the end of tenyears.

The man died twenty years later and leaves you $150,000 in cash, tax free, and acouple of homes, many personal belongings. In the meanwhile, you continue inthat business, and it multiplies and multiplies, and that year was 1922 –and 1924.This is now 1968. That building –I’m speaking factually –that building in 1924 isnow gone. He paid only $50,000 for it. It was repaid and repaid. A bank –threeyears ago bought the property –the building was rotted –bought the property for$840,000 in cash, and no capital gain –from $50,000 to $840,000. Meanwhile, thebusiness has expanded into all the other islands, so that today you couldn’t buythem for$15,000,000. All in imagination! And this goes back to the imaginationthat preceded this man’s offer to buy the building; for the young man, seeing thisbuilding and entertaining the thought that the present owners deceived his father,and through deception got him out of a partnership –a junior partnership. And hewas moved –not to get even, but to prove that he really had something within himand could be a success in spite of this deception.

So, every day he would see on that marquee, not their name, but his own family’sname, and he would see it in his mind’s eye, because you could not take their nameand transliterate it and make it spell this man’s family’s name, but he saw it. In hismind’s eye he saw that name, which if true would imply the family owned it. Hedid it every day, twice a day, for two years, and then came this sudden –out of thenowhere, and the whole thing was made possible, and today they are all over theislands, and they have no partners. They have never taken in one partner, neversold one bit of stock outside of the family ownership. All by imagination!

Now, I know what I’m talking about because I’m a member of that family. I amspeaking of my own family. This is not hearsay. I know it. My second brother,Victor, in whose imagination this whole thing began to bloom –and he still worksall by imagination, he knows what he wants –and then, after having decided inhimself, “That’s what I want, and that’s good for the business, he then, in hismind’s eye, appropriates it, and then lets things happen.

As told us in Scripture, “The vision has its own appointed hour,It ripens, it will flower; if it be long, then wait,For it is sure, and it will not be late.”Habakkuk 2:3 (Moffat’s translation)

Read that in the book of Habakkuk.Here is the true translation of that passage inHabakkuk.

So, when you know what you want, remain faithful to that assumption, and theassumption, though at the moment it is denied by your senses, and denied byreason –if you persist in it, it will harden into fact. Are we not told that God calls athing that is not seen as though it were seen, and then the unseen becomes seen?(See Romans 4:17) He calls everything from the unseen into the seen in this simplemanner, for He is the resurrecting power.

So, if I assume that I am, I don’t have to have evidence to support it –I assume thatI am. Am what? Well, I name it, and having given it a name –given it form, givenit definition –remaining in it, I resurrect it. And if it takes a thousand men to aidthe birth of that state, a thousand men will play their parts, and I don’t have to goout and look for them, any more than my brother had to go out and look for thisman. He would not have known where to start looking for one the day of the sale.So far as he is concerned, he had done it in his mind’s eye, and he allowedeverything to happen, and he comes right in like a joke. He really thought it was ajoke, and he said to this man, “Are you fooling me?

He said, “No.”

He said, “Well, then, wait. Let me call my father. He’s at lunch.” He called him onthe wire. He said, “Daddy, come on up. Leave everything and come.” And then hesaid, “Now, you tell my father what you told me.”

My father’s name is Joseph, and my father said, “You really mean it?"

He said, “Yes, Joe, I mean it. I’ll have him bid today. You put your signature hereand your son Victor put his signature –that’s all I need.”

That was a lifetime friendship. So, when that man died, he didn’t owe my brotherVictor anything. He so loved the friendship and the feeling of –well, decency, thathe had with my brother Victor, he gave him $150,000 in cash, and that was taxfree, and the homes –everything was tax free. And that building which he boughtfor $50,000 was sold three years ago to the Bank ofNova Scotia. They tore itdown and built a lovely structure, but they paid our family $840,000 for thatbuilding, and there was no capital gains tax. The whole thing was simply free.

So, I know what I’m talking about. All I need from you is the acceptance of it. Willyou believe it? Will you believe that with God all things are possible? (Mark10:27) Will you believe that all things are possible to man?

Well, you can prove it in the not-distant future, but you are the operant power. Itwill not work itself. If you dare to assume this very night that you have a better jobthan you now hold or that you have a larger income –you may be fired tomorrow.Don’t be concerned! On reflection, you’ll see it was necessary to move youtowards the fulfillment of your assumption. You could be fired! And I wouldn’t batan eye if you told me tomorrow, “Well, I did what you told me. You know whathappened? I was fired.”

I have seen that. It takes someone to fire you to get you into a better job. I haveseen that time and again. I wouldn’t go out and quit the job. You may be promotedin the job, or you may be invited by some other concern that is competitive to jointhem –I do not know how it happens; I only know: if you remain faithful to theassumption, it’s going to happen, and you are going to be promoted towards thefulfillment of the state that you’ve dared to assume that is yours.

I could tell you unnumbered stories of this nature. So, here, I say: dwell in the end.The end is where we begin, for if I’ve seen my name on the marquee, that’s theend. I don’t wait for the incident to take place in my world to move from one to theother to another, leading up to that; I dwell in the end. So, if I go to the very end,what would it be like were it true?

A health case: nothow it’s going to become better, but you go to the end, and yousay to someone who isn’t well –in your mind’s eye you say to them, “You know,I’ve never seen you look better,” and have them say to you, “I’ve never felt better.”Well, now, that’s confirmation for what you are seeing. You say, “I’ve never seenyou look better,” and hear them say to you, “Well, I have never felt better.” Butyou may say to me, “I can’t hear people.” Oh, yes, you can! You can hear anythingyou want to hear. You don’t have to hear it audibly.

Listen this very moment. You may not be able to whistle a tune. Maybe you can’tcarry a tune in any manner whatsoever. You can’t play an instrument, you can’twhistle, you can’t sing. Well, can you now imagine that you are hearing The BattleHymn of the Republic? Listen! Can’t you hear it? Can’t you augment it a thousandvoices, ten thousand voices? Did you hear it at the funeral of Senator Kennedy?Did you see it on TV? Wasn’t that moving when the organ began to peel, andsuddenly that lovely soft voice singing it, and the whole thing became –well, thewhole vast TV world was filled with it. I doubt there were very many dry eyeswhen he got through singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Well, I can’t sing; Ican’t whistle a tune, but I can just right now stand here and listen and hear theentire thing swell. If I try to duplicate it with my voice, I couldn’t do it, but I canhear his voice as he sang it. You can hear anyone’s voice; you can hear thespeaker’s voice. Tonight, alone, you can hear my voice, and you can put upon myvoice what you want to hear, and I, unknown to you, will find myself telling you,“Something will happen to confirm what you’re hearing.”

So, you can do this for good or ill. I advise you: Do it for good. But the choice isyours. You can hurt and you can bless, but don’t hurt. Use your imaginationalways lovingly on behalf of others. But to tell you that you could not do it to hurtis stupid, because you can hurt. It’s entirely up to you.

So, you imagine what you want. Believe that you have it, and see how it works inthe world. Those who scoff at it –well, let them scoff. Five years from now, whenyou are on the top, they may be working for you, and may even have forgotten thatthey sat in the same audience with you when you heard and believed, and they alsoheard, but they didn’t believe, and so, you moved on, and they remained behind.That’s life.

But there’s only one creative power in the universe. Scripture names that power asGod –Jesus Christ, the Lord –the same Power. Because there aren’t two Gods,there aren’t two Lords –there’s only one. And that one Christ dwells in us. He didnot appropriate a single man, as the priesthoods of the world teach. They tell youof a single man, and they single out a man that differs from all men. He isn’tdwelling in this man or that man. His desire was to save humanity, and so Hedwells in us –not in that particular man. He didn’t become this one man –dwellingin one man. Let no one tell you that the Christ in you differs from the Christ –andlet them name any man they want. He cannot differ.

If there is a Christ other than that Christ who is crucified within us, and who roseand continues to rise in humanity, he’s a false Christ. And the teachers who teachof an external, objective, different Christ are false teachers. Christ is within, andHe rises within. So, you go out and put it to the test. Put it to the extreme test.Christ in us –not “out there,” is the hope of glory.

So, this word of which I speak –and the word, by the way –its true definition is,“meaning.” In the beginning, there was meaning to the whole thing, and thatmeaning was with God, and God Himself was the meaning. (John 1:1) There is apurpose, there’s a plan behind it all. He planned everythingas it has come out, andas it will be consummated. And the purpose of it all is to awaken in us, so that weand he are one. So, He actually became us, that we may become God. It seemsincredible, but it’s true. That’s the purpose of life: to take humanityand lift it toGod so it becomes God. So, He became man, that man may become God.

Now tonight, you need not confine it to yourself. Take a friend, without thefriend’s consent –without the friend’s knowledge, and lift him up. Do you know afriend who isunemployed? Well, then, see him as gainfully employed, and don’ttell him, that you may brag tomorrow. Don’t boast. Just see him gainfullyemployed.

Here is a friend of mine in L.A., and this man was unmercifully bawled out by hissupervisors, and told that he was no earthly good, and they are considering lettinghim go. They are going to fire him. Well, the man had no support outside of thejob, and he had a family. He told my friend. Well, my friend lives by this law, sohe said to him, “All right, go your way.” He didn’t tell him what he was going todo.

He sat quietly at his desk and heard the man tell him that they praised him beyondmeasure for something that he had done. It wasn’t 48 hours that they had acomplete reversal of their attitude towardsthis man in their praise for something hedid in the advertising world. But the blow left its mark, and he said to my friend,“Yes, they’ve reversed it, but I don’t feel easy on the job, because they could nothave said the unlovely things that they said and forgotten them, so it will comeback, and I’m going to quit. I have no money. I’m giving them two weeks’ notice.I am going to ask them to give me one week of the two, that I can get myselftogether and maybe take off a few days and just get my thoughts in order.”

Well, at the end of two weeks he didn’t have a job. My friend –when he told himwhat he was going to do –my friend knew he could not afford to quit and notwork, so he saw him gainfully employed and earning twenty-five percent morethan thepresent job. He took off the second week. When he came back at the endof the first week, he came into my friend’s office and said, “Only yesterday I gotthe offer, and I start Monday. I do not lose one day’s salary, and I start at twentyfiveper cent more than I received on the past job.

What did it? My friend’s imagination, a loving use of the imagination on behalf ofa friend! Had he gone without that imaginal state, he would have walked into theplace, and the man would have said, “We have nothing,” or, “We can’t use you,”“Why are you quitting?” He didn’t ask anything; he simply wanted the man.

So, if you precede your visit by an imaginal act, they will see you as you seeyourself. If you walk in knowing that you’re no good, they will see you exactlythat way. But if you walk in the assumption that things are as you desire them tobe, they are going to see you that way. And this is life.

Now, what greater claim can anyone make than to acclaim that he is God? Andwhen He claimed it, they said, He is blaspheming, for here is a man, and the manclaims he is God.

The 10th [chapter] of John, “And he said, ‘Is it not written in your law,’ I say yeare gods, sons of the Most High?” (John 10:34)

If he called them gods to whom the Word of God came, would yousay of the onethat he anointed and sent into the world that he is blaspheming? Do you know ofany greater claim in the world than for a man to identify himself with God andwalk as though he were, and not be ashamed to admit it? He doesn’t go braggingabout it, but he knows in his heart he is one with God, for if his imagination is God–and he imagines –well, then, that’s God! And if he imagines a state and it comesto pass, then he knows the creative power that is God. He doesn’t have to bragabout it and be ashamed of it. He sleeps in a noble state, because he is one withGod.

Well, let everyone take that attitude, and the world will change –not be beaten, butyou can take the whole vast world, if they feel themselves slaves, and give themthe world;they will want it again tomorrow. Unless a man has self-respect, youcan give him all the money in the world, and it means nothing. That goes for theindividual, it goes for a family, it goes for a race of people; it goes for a nation. Asour late President Hoover said, “The rise and fall of ideas will determine the riseand fall of men, the rise and fall of nations, the rise and fall of communities.”

So, tell me the idea that a community entertains of itself, and I’ll tell you thatcommunity. But now change that idea of itself, and you’ll change that community.Let a family feel important in itself –it doesn’t have to have a background. Whohas a background? So, you can go back far enough, and almost everyone who nowclaims importance would be ashamed ofthat background.

So, don’t go back; start just where you are. And don’t pay anyone to look up yourfamily tree, because you are going to pay them to forget it. Just, all of a sudden,start right now and assume the dignity that is God. That’s your real background –it’s God, and so assume it!

And, then, with that assumption –and if you have children, I hope you do –well,then, instill that into the child. Instill it into all within the environment, and havethem feel important.

I have no background, judged by human standards –either intellectual, financial orthese things –we made it. But Mother instilled in us, when we did something ofwhich she was ashamed she would say to us, “Have you forgotten that you are aGoddard?” Well, we didn’t know. That must have been very important, becauseMother said, “Have you forgotten that you’re a Goddard?”

Well, I never heard that we had any background, but all of a sudden you begin tofeel that you must be important. So, Mother instilled it into our mind’s eye. Shemade the name important, so today it is important. Where we are, in the businesssense, in every sense, it’s important; but Mother did that, and she married a manwho had no background, and took his name, but she made it important.

All right, who has any background? As far as I am concerned, I refuse to accept thearistocracy of any being in this world, other than the aristocracy of the Spirit. Whatother aristocracy? Give me the aristocracy of the Spirit, but don’t come to me withany physical descent.I’m not an animal. I’m not a horse, where you develop it byone horse after the other. I’m God! We are all God! You can’t go back beyondGod. So, if that is the start of all of us, well, then, that is our root, and, so, claim itnow. At any point in time,claim it, and you’ll find yourself being washed clean ofanything you might have thought the family tree held. You don’t have any familytree.

The true Israelite is not a descendant after the flesh, but the Elect of God, ofwhatever nation. That’s the man of God. So, you simply dare to assume that youare that man of God, and then apply what I’m telling you tonight. And, may I tellyou, in the not-distant future –in the immediate present –it will work. If you don’tfalter and do not change the assumption –if you remain faithful to the assumption,it will harden into fact, because imagining creates reality. It does!

Now, let us go into the Silence.

Good. Now, are there any questions, please?

  • Question: Last night you said you didn’t believe in reincarnation. Then how do you explain the fact that . . .?

Neville: My dear, there is a man in this state today by the name of Krishnamurti. He was a member of the Theosophical Society when Annie Besant and Alcott and that entire crowd ran it. That book is still in print. They brought out a book without hisconsent. They tried to make him a Christ –the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Hedidn’t deny it. He didn’t go against it. He allowed it. And that book came out, andthere are literally hundreds of full-page pictures of his so called reincarnations ofthe past –one the male, female, male, female, Chinese, Indian, Oriental, Caucasian –all these. I don’t think they included the Negro; they hadn’t quite integrated them in this setup. And here he went all the way back, but not into the Negro –he wassomething different. Then when he got big enough and courageous enough to denyit, he denied it, but they had printed those books, and they are still in the libraryand they are still in the homes of individuals; and now he will go from the world asthey have departed this world, and those who will come tomorrow will not knowthat it was refuted, and will go along and believe it.

I tell you, my dear, stick to the Bible. All these are simply theories –man-madetheories for one purpose, to make a buck. It’s cruel to say that, but I cannot let it goby. Ninety-nine percent of them are in it only for the dollar. It seems cruel, but I’mtelling you what I know. I’ve gone through these many –isms. It hasn’t a thing todo with spirituality. You are individualized, and you tend forever towards greaterand greater individualization. You will never lose your identity. You will awakenone day, and you are the Lord Jesus Christ Himself –without loss of identity!That’s the great mystery. I will know you, and when you awaken and you are“born from above” and you behold the Fatherhood of God, you being the Father, Iwill know you. You will not lose your identity, and yet I will know you to be God.I will know you to be Jesus, as I know you as you are now, and it will not seemstrange to you that you are Jesus. You will not bow your head in shame, and yetyou will not lose your identity.

  • Question: What about women...?

Neville: I have had these men –and women, too –who make these claims. Youcan induce it; you can actually induce it by an assumption. I will give you my ownpersonal experience of the Crucifixion, and it’s so unlike what the world teaches. Ihave experienced Scripture. Scripture has been fulfilled in me.

I found myself this night in the fulfillment of the 42nd Psalm, which is, “And hewent with them in a throng to the house of God.” (Psalm 42:4) He led them in agay procession to the house of God. Well, here I am, in this enormous crowd –alllike the Arab world, and as I am walking with them, a voice out of the blue singsout, and the voice stated, “And God walks with them.”

A woman at my right asked the invisible voice, “And if God walks with us, whereis He?” and the voice answered, and all heard the voice –and the voice said, “Atyour side.”

She turned to her left, looked me full in the face, and began to laugh; and she saidto the voice, “You mean Neville is God?” and the voice answered, “Yes, in the actof waking.”

Then the voice spoke, but from within me. No one but the speaker heard it then,and the voice said within me, “I laid myself down within you to sleep, and as Islept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed –and I knew exactly what the end of thatsentence would be. He’s dreaming that He is I!

”With that, I became so emotionally thrilled, I felt myself drawn into this body thatwas on the bed, for this took place in the spirit world. I felt myself drawn into thisbody, and this hand was a vortex, this hand was a vortex, my head a vortex, myfeet vortices, and my side –the right side a vortex, and I knew then what theCrucifixion was. It was sheer ecstasy. It wasn’t painful at all. You can’t describethe thrill of these six vortices nailing me to this body.

So, we are told in the 10th chapter of John: “No one takes away my life. I lay itdown myself. I have the power to lay it down, and I have the power to lift it upagain.” (John 10:18)

And in spite of that statement, they teach, year after year, thata group of menmurdered him, and nailed him to a wooden cross. He is not nailed to any woodencross. The Universal Christ is “nailed” on Humanity. This is the cross. And He didit willingly. “I lay it down myself.” No one took it from me. And I experienced thatthat night.

So, you can bring all the arguments in the world about this little stigmata, that littlestigmata; there was no blood running there. The whole hand –both hands whirlingvortices, and the head a whirling vortex, and the side a whirling vortex, and bothfeet –the soles of my feet vortices. And there are six.

Yes, Sir?

  • Question: I was going to ask you how you interpret the role of Judas Iscariot.

Neville: Judas? I am self-betrayed. No one knows me but myself. No one knowsthe thoughts of a man but the spirit of man who dwells in him. Likewise, no oneknows the thoughts of God but the Spirit of God. Therefore, if I betrayed God, Iwould have to be the Spirit of God –one who has the secret, and so it is self-betrayed.One night in a roomabout the size of this –here I am, sitting on the floor withtwelve men before me sitting on the floor. We’re all dressed in robes and I amteaching the Word of God. A man, one of these twelve, jumps up quickly, and themoment he jumped up, I knew exactly what he was going to do. He was going totell the authorities what I was teaching. He went to the only door. As he wentthrough it, I knew what would happen. A tall, handsome man about six feet four, inmost costly robes, came in –erect, a man of about 40 or 44. He walked straightdown the side, turned at right angles, walked down the side, turned at right angles,and walked down the middle, but as he entered, he was one of such authority, weall rose. He was one of tremendous authority in that community, and we all stoodat attention, I facing my eleven men. He came on down, and he turned towards me,and he took a wooden mallet and a wooden peg, and he hammered it into my rightshoulder –blow after blow into my shoulder. Then he took a very sharpinstrument, and with one circular motion like this, he severed my sleeve, and thenpulled it, and pulled off the sleeve and discarded it; and I saw it, a lovely shade oflight baby blue. Then he stretched his arms out this way and he embraced me andkissed me onthe right side of my neck, and I kissed him on the right side of hisneck; and as I kissed him, still embracing him, the whole scene faded.

Here is the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, “To whom has the arm of the Lord beenrevealed? (Isaiah 53:1) It’s all symbolism, but the whole thing is true. That was thebetrayal. For you are now nailed –the peg goes in, for as you are told, “I will nowput upon you all the authority of Israel, and you will rule it for a season. Then Iwill break the peg, and that weight that you carry will be taken from you. But whohas believed our report, and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”(Isaiah 53:1) He unveils the right arm, which is the symbol of power, at that moment in timewhen He rises in you, and you are going to rule as He rules, and that’s the story.

So, the whole story is true, but it’s all vision. It’s not secular history; it’s salvationhistory, and the world treats the whole Bible as secular history, and it’s not secularhistory at all. The whole thing takesplace above. He said: “I am from above, andye are from below. You are of this world; I am not of this world” (John 8:23). And,so, the whole drama is unfolding from above. It’s a mystical drama.

Any other questions, please?

  • ...

Neville: Well, freedom is “That Age.” No one is free by dying here, because deathhere is restoration in a world just like this. No one –I don’t care who you are –youcould be ninety years old now, and if you dropped this very moment, you arerestored to life, not as an infant, some are 20 years of age, you are not old, you areyoung, and any missing part: teeth, hair, limbs are all restored –unbelievably newand unaccountably new. You can’t account for it.

How can someone cremated, turned to dust, stand before me twenty years old?When they dropped, they looked like a thousand; they were so old and withered.And here suddenly before me stands this beautiful –either woman or man –twentyyears old, in a world terrestrial just like this, in a body that is physical just like this–cut it, it will bleed, and they age there as they age here, and they die there as theydie here. And, so, there’s no escape from this until Resurrection, and Resurrectioncomes to the individual. It doesn’t come collectively. It comes while we arewalking this earth. The individual is raised and set free from this bondage to decay,and becomes, then, one with the Risen Lord, because there’s only One Body, OneSpirit, One Lord, One God and Father of all. (See Ephesians 4:4-6)

  • Question: What about a child, when a child dies?

Neville: It continues to grow –continues to grow. He is the God of the living, notthe god of the dead. This world is the world of the dead. People won’t believe it.Everything here is dead. If you see it from above –well, you’d have to see it tounderstand what I am talking about. If you see this from above, everything here islike –well, something that is dead, and you can come down –you can’t change itfrom above, strangely enough. I have tried to change it from above.

Look at the body –it’s on the bed, and it looks like something –like a carcass thatis dead. Well, you know exactly the wisdom is from above; if you could only dowith it now while you are there, with the clarity of vision, but youcan’t do it.You’ve got to come down and occupy it, and then you forget. This is the world of death.


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