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Vortrag: The Dreamer / Der Träumer

Vortrag von Neville Goddard am 23.02.1965

Englisch: The Dreamer

Tonight our subject is “The Dreamer.” The Bible begins, really, with the dream where all are placed into a profound sleep: And God placed a profound sleep upon man and he slept. Not a thing is said through scripture save the appeal to God, not to man but to God, to awaken from this sleep. “Awake, O sleeper, and rise from the dead” (Eph. 5:14). “Rouse thyself, O God, why sleepest thou?” (Ps. 44:23). Throughout all, the entire book, it’s an appeal to God, who imposed upon himself this dream. Now, science may speculate and bring in all kinds of theories in the world concerning a dream, but I have never read where any scientist ever succeeded in impaling a dream upon a pin. They can’t take it and really impale it and analyze it to my satisfaction. But tonight we’ll take these dreams for you and show you what we really are here in this fabulous world of ours, which really is a dream within a dream. This whole vast world of ours is but a dream, and it’s a dream within a dream.

This morning at 4:15 I woke and I didn’t want to get up at 4:15 so I said to myself, “I will go back to sleep.” But before I returned to that state of sleep, I communed with self and requested that I would be favored with an experience, a dream or an ecstasy. Not something that I’ve ever had before, something different, something that had great significance and was very informative. And so I fell off into the deep once more into sleep. Then I woke at 6:15, two hours later, and this is the experience that came back with me. I found myself in the apartment house where we as a little family of three lived for thirteen years and eight months, 145 W. 55th Street. The same superintendent was there; his name was Eddie Fox. When I lived there with my little family we had operators—-the elevator was operated by individuals—-but now it was a push button affair. I started from the ground floor into…and a man started before me and Eddie Fox said, “Let Mr. Goddard”—-he called me Goddard—-he said, “Let Mr. Goddard get in first.” So I got in and then two men got in with me. Then Eddie said to me, “What floor, Mr. Goddard?” I said, “Six.” Well, I didn’t live on six, on the sixth floor, before, I occupied the penthouse. I had a duplex and we were on the 15th and 16th floors before. We had the 15th floor, which was our living quarters, and then we had this lovely upstairs, the 16th floor, sort of a playroom and then a lovely garden, and there we were for those many years, thirteen-odd years.

So I got into the elevator and it ascended and I got off at the sixth floor. Then I realized “This is not where I lived, I don’t live here.” The two men got off on the same floor and I said, “You know, this is the strangest thing. This has never happened to me before. I’ve never suffered from amnesia, but right now I do not know where I live. I can’t remember where I live.” And they could not help me at all. There I stood in this little hallway, the elevator had gone beyond, and I’m trying to remember where I live. I know I don’t live here. Then I said to myself, “You know, this may be a dream, and if it is a dream, there is somewhere in this fabulous universe where I am asleep; for if it is a dream, I am dreaming this and I must be sleeping dreaming this. And if I am dreaming this, well then, the chances are that I am lying down, and I am sound asleep dreaming this now.” At that moment I tried to remember where, where could I be asleep? It wouldn’t come back, not a thing would come back.

Then I felt the feeling of being horizontal and sleeping. As I felt that motion I’m horizontal and sleeping, I found myself on a bed, and I deliberately would not open my eyes. I wouldn’t open my eyes. I wanted to find out exactly where I am. I couldn’t. I thought, “Where am I?” I would not allow myself to open my eyes on the familiar objects on the wall that would relate to a certain position in space. I tried to remember, but I couldn’t bring back where am I, I couldn’t. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, the little word Carol came into my mind, Carol Drive, 1025. At that moment, I didn’t hear the voice but from the depth of my soul, that being which is my own inner being, my deep being that is dreaming this, without the use of words it said to me “You asked for it.” I heard it without hearing words, “You asked for it.” Because I requested—-before I dropped into the deep, having awakened at 4:15 and decided not to get up but to go back to sleep—-I asked for an experience that would be significant, something that would be informative, something that would be great, that I could talk about and tell the whole vast world the great secret of creation. And that’s what happened to me.

Well, what is the story behind it all? Here is a dream within a dream. Is this but a dream? I say it is. It is a dream; this whole vast world is a dream. And when I read the story in scripture and when he is about to awaken in this world, it comes in the form of a dream: And the angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph in a dream and told him of the birth of the Savior of the world. And then at the very end of the story we are told that when Pilate sat upon his throne (his judgment seat) that his wife sent a messenger saying, “Have nothing to do with that righteous man, for I have been greatly troubled this day in a dream because of him.” So the whole thing was the dream.

Now, can I dream into being from the depth of my own being dream the kind of a world that I want? I can…that’s the story. He planned it all and he is not diverted from his dream. I am his emanation, his bride until the dream is at an end. He becomes one with his emanation at the very end of the dream; as told us in scripture, he leaves all and cleaves to his wife until they become one person. But I am his emanation, his wife until this wonderful sleep is over. Until it’s over, I am in this world his projection, his emanation, and here is this thing called man. Well, how can I in some way take the same technique and dream in my world of Caesar—as he has determined to dream me into his own being—and become one with it?

I recall back in 1948 my father heard me for the first time. I started lecturing in 1938, then the war broke; he couldn’t come to America. And in 1948 he came to America and he heard me for the first time. After that lecture that morning, we all came home to have lunch, and he said, “You know, my son, everything you said this morning I would agree with it…all but one. You told the people to close their eyes when they meditate, when they begin to assume and to visualize objectives. Don’t, don’t close the eyes completely. If you close your eye in reverie that tends to a night dream and this is a daydream. The daydream you must have the eye ajar, but not shut, just partly closed.” Well, I could not deny my father’s suggestion. Not because he’s my father, but here was a man who started behind the eight ball in life, no education, no social background, no intellectual background, but nothing! I mean behind the eight ball in the true sense of the word. And when he died at the age of eighty-five he could leave a fortune to his ten children. He raised ten children and never once inherited one nickel from anyone, and could at the end of his eighty-five years leave to his ten children a considerable fortune running into multiple millions.

Every day my father would sit in the Silence with his eyes partly shut, and he would look and see what he wanted to see. He would control it by not closing the eye. And he said to me, “If you close the eye, you’re drifting right into a night dream, where your attention is not controlled by you; it controls you. You go right into a night dream. If you don’t close the eye, you can see what you want to see and the whole thing comes to pass in this world, everything as you see it. So tell your people the next time not to close the eye but to simply bring it into a partial closing state, ajar; and bring before your mind’s eye while the eye’s not completely shut exactly what you want to see; carry on all the conversations that would imply the fulfillment of your desire, and do it in that way.” And here was a man who was talking to me, who died at the age of eighty-five, but long before he died he made his fortune. I don’t really believe my father ever did a dishonest thing in this world. I do not believe he ever did. I really believe…it’s my deep conviction about my father, why I don’t know. I think all of us, the ten of us, feel this way about him. He met my mother when she was about three years old and he was about eight. It was a romance from the time they were eight and three. Then when she was eighteen they got married. He said to my little niece, “So we give this fabulous party for you today, champagne is flowing like a river, everything. When I married your grandmother I could ill afford a half-pint of rum.” So they had a half-pint of rum to celebrate the union, this wonderful wedding.

But he went on with this simply partly closing the eye and controlling his attention and seeing what he wanted to see. He called it “the daydream.” The daydream does not differ from the night dream save that in the daydream you are in control, or you ought to be in control. In the night dream it takes over, unless you persuade yourself before you sleep to favor you with a dream that will be informative, and then it will do it. But if you don’t, and you sleep after all the distress of the day, all the headlines of the day, all the newspapers of the day, and all of the radio and TV bulletins of the day, that’s what you get in the course of the night. That’s confusion, that’s a nightmare. But if you do it in this way…and he showed me exactly how he went about making his fortune in this world.

So I say the Bible has only one source of dream in this world. All dreams, all visions stream from God. There is no other source of dream in scripture. “And if there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will speak unto him in a dream, I’ll make myself known unto him in a vision” (Num. 12:6). And throughout the entire scripture it’s all God speaking. Well, who spoke to me this morning?—-the depth of my own soul. And it seemed at that very moment he was trying to entice me into a discovery of himself, for then I felt—-I didn’t hear the words—-but I felt “You asked for it.” I distinctly asked for an experience that would be unlike what I ever had before, but it had to be instructive, informative, something that I could share with the whole vast world and that they would actually understand the great secret of creation. And the whole thing came in this peculiar manner. Here I am I didn’t know where. I had forgotten where I laid myself down to dream. Everyone has forgotten where he laid himself down, because the being that you really are, that is in a profound sleep, is God himself. You laid yourself down to dream and you are dreaming what you are now. But this “projected you” can also dream, for the whole thing began as a dream and the end is a dream.

So while we’re here if I could only catch him and know how to dream here as the depth of my soul has dreamt me into being and is continuing his dream. For I am told, “As I have planned it, so shall it be; as I have purposed it, so shall it stand” (Is. 14:24). No power in the world can stop my pre-determined dream. It’s a dream. What is the pre-determined dream?—that I shall wake my emanation. He fell in love with me. He fell in love with you, and you are unique, no one in this world can take your place. There is no power in the world that can modify you in the eyes of the one who is dreaming you. You can modify the dream out here, the world of Caesar, but no one can fill your place; you are unique. And when you find the dreamer—-he’s actually enticing you moment after moment to find him—-and the moment you find him, the being that really had dreamt you into being, you awaken, and you are he. So this whole vast world is but a dream. So when the poet asks the question, “Is all that we see or feel but a dream within a dream?” And then in the same poem—-this is Edgar Allen Poe—he answers it. Instead of asking the question, he affirms it, “All that we see or feel is but a dream within a dream.”

Now take the great revelation of the name of God and reverse it the same way that Poe did, “I am that I am”…that’s affirmative. Am I that, am I? And use the word “that” as the dreamer. Am I the dreamer, am I? And then come back to the affirmative, I am. You mean I brought this whole vast world into being?—yes I did. I wish I could share it in the most intimate way with you that I experienced it this morning. No desire to get up, 4:15, only musing with self, “Give me an experience, bring it forth in the form of a dream or an ecstasy, either one.” To me ecstasy is vision…a place like this, more clear than this, where everything is solidly real, just like this. Bring it either in dream or bring it just like this. But make it informative, make it something that is so significant that I can tell it to the world and share it with them to show the secret behind it all.”

Then that strange feeling that possessed me at the very end. “You asked for it.” You could almost hear the words coming through, but they weren’t words. I have heard the words time and time again, but this morning they were not words; it was simply a mood that possessed me, as though he was simply kidding me, just playing with me: “You asked for it, didn’t you?” I did, I asked for it. And here I am with complete amnesia; I didn’t know where I was. Yet this vivid picture, same apartment house, the same Eddy Fox who was the super, the same building. I got off at the 6th floor—-which is significant, on the sixth day he made man—here on the 6th floor I got off. You are coming to the end, Neville: “Let us make man in our image” (Gen. 1:27). I pushed that button, the 6th floor, got off on the 6th, and this is not where I belong. I don’t belong here on the 6th floor. I belong with the dreamer who dreamed man into being—not with that which is dreamed into being, but the dreamer, that’s where I belong. I couldn’t find my place on the 6th floor; there was no room there for me. Not a thing seemed right and I couldn’t remember where I laid myself down to sleep. But I did, somewhere I laid myself down to sleep, and as I dreamed a dream, I dreamed I am he.

Then my mind goes back to that experience that I think I’ve shared with many of you who are here tonight, some have heard it. But many years ago, I had this experience, which would be the 42nd Psalm if you understand the 42nd Psalm [verse 4], where we went in great joy to the house of God. This night in question I found myself in this enormous crowd, a sea of humanity, and as I walked with them—-and they’re all in gay attire, oriental, darks, very colorful-—I heard the voice, the voice screamed out, “And God walks with them.” A woman to my right, a very attractive lady in her late thirties, in all the Arabic costumes, and she questioned the voice. She said, “If God walks with us, where is he?” and the voice answered, “At your side.” She turned to her left and looking into my face she became hysterical, it struck her so funnily that I could be the one spoken of. She questioned the voice and she said, “What, is Neville God?” and the voice answered, “Yes, in the act of waking.” Then the same voice from the depths of my soul, this time audible only to me, but not to others, and the voice said, “I laid myself down within you to sleep, and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed…” and I knew the end of the sentence. I became so excited I couldn’t wait for the end, and at that moment, I felt these vortices nail me to this body. My hands became vortices, my feet vortices, my head a vortex, and my right side a vortex, and here I am nailed to this thing [body]…and the voice said, “Yes, in the act of waking.”

So here the same dreamer this morning…but he didn’t speak. Where did he lay himself down to dream that he’s you? He laid himself down within you that’s where he laid himself down. He is within you dreaming that he’s you and when he awakes you are he. This whole vast world is God dreaming that he’s you. When he completely awakes you are God, and you will see the oneness of us all; not one greater than the other, no one. You and I might have had horrible dreams. Some dream of these mountainous states and others dream of wonderful pastures, easy lives. Perfectly alright, not one is greater than the other. So the individual may have this most mountainous climb and he thinks that marvelous, perfectly alright, that’s your dream. Others will hear, “Oh, isn’t it marvelous to hear of green pastures for nice wonderful sheep” and you dream of that. So it’s entirely up to the dreamer. Just as he dreamed this wonderful one into being he allows this wonderful one—-as he puts him through all the great furnaces of affliction—-to dream and comfort all these things in the world.

So you could this night take the most glorious concept of yourself. I don’t care what it is, believe me. My father never had a nickel, not a penny, and today the estate he’s left his ten exceeds twenty-five million dollars. And he didn’t enter politics to get it, may I tell you. It didn’t come from politics, it didn’t come from anything that is subversive; it’s just from his daily dreams. He would sit in the Silence…I can see him now…in what I call in Barbados a Burmese chair, it comes from Demerara, it’s a chair with elevated, extended arms. He put his feet out and they were elevated. There he would sit after breakfast, which was served him about 10:30 in the morning. That was what we called breakfast in the West Indies. The breaking of the fast for my father was simply a cup of coffee early in the morning. But then what he called breakfast would be around 10:30 and that would be like our dinner, a good substantial meal. Then he would sit quietly with the eyes partly shut and see all the transactions of business of the day as he wanted them to be. Not as they could be if others interfered, as he wanted them to be. Day after day he did it with the eyes partly shut that it may not float into the night dream, that he may control it in the daydream.

For, he knew his Bible better than any ministers in the island. It’s the one book that he read, and he read it day after day after day, and he understood his Bible. Never read any other book. All the others were brilliant scholars, but they didn‘t understand the Bible, any more than the brilliant ones today understand the Bible. My Time magazine came today, well, it’s almost ridiculous to read the religious page today. Here is this fantastic power in the world, and when you see what they own in Italy, all under the guise of being prophets of the Lord. Well, they are really prophets of the Lord but not p-r-o-p-h-e-t-s, they’re profits, spelled differently. They own fifteen percent of all that is put on the stock market in that land; and can threaten then that if you are going to tax us, we are the only tax exempt holders of this stock. All the others pay taxes, but we don’t pay taxes. And if you threaten us to tax us, we will sell over night and the market would crash. And they represent this great mystery. They haven’t the slightest concept of the great mystery.

Now let me tell you how it comes to an end. It comes to an end in the simplest way. You can’t conjure it. Not a thing you can do until you wait for the birth. It comes to an end in this manner. Suddenly, Jesus Christ awakens in you. Jesus Christ as you finds God’s only begotten Son and he calls you Father…and then you know who you are. Then Jesus Christ in you tears the temple in two, from top to bottom; and Jesus Christ in you as the Son of man ascends that spine of yours as a fiery serpent. Then the Holy Spirit in bodily form as a dove descends upon you and smothers you with affection because his work is done and you’ve come to the end of the dream. So your dream is over, and you only wait the lingering days until you take off this garment for the last time and find that you who began the whole dream you’ve awakened with an increased power. For there is no limit to that expansion of God, there is no limit to the translucency of God; there is only a limit to the contraction of God, to the opacity of God. So man is that limit, man is that contraction, and God becomes man so that man may become God. So then he expands, and the end of his dream as man, which was pre-determined, comes in these simple, simple pictures, four simple little events, all in man.

So start this night and take my father’s advice who made the fortune. I don’t think very many people in this world can leave twenty-five million bucks to a family. It’s not a public company, it’s a private company. He could turn to the ten of us and give us this sort of money. He himself not once did he ever take one nickel from another. May I tell you, if you’re not educated…he wasn’t, by our standards, he would not have gone beyond a couple of grades in high school. A man who loved people, people loved him, strapping fellow, six foot two, six foot three, maybe, and just a generous, wonderful fellow who just loved. But day after day, seven days a week he practiced as though he were really a concert artist. He wouldn’t let days go by because it was another day; he sat every day and did it. The only criticism he had of me was I told the people to close the eye, and he said to me, “That leads only to a night dream. Don’t close the eye.” If you don’t close the eye, it’s the daydream, and the daydream must be controlled. The night dream belongs to the depth of your soul, that’s the deeper you; and it will take all the energy of the world and clothe itself to educate your mind here. But on this level, don’t close the eye. If you don’t close the eye, you have control, and then you can control the daydream…this is the daydream…while he’s bringing into being his predetermined picture. No one can stop it; no power in the world is going to stop him.

So you read the papers and you read all these headlines that this country is going to take over that country and what should our President do? Everyone is so ___(??) and they’re all so wise. Last night I came home and turned on TV and got this lovely Cinderella. So here was Cinderella, well, I was too lazy to get up and turn off the thing, and then came the great mentor, Mr. Lippmann. I was too lazy to turn him off, so I sat and looked and listened to all this wonderful…what we should do, and what China could do, and what they’ll do…this strange peculiar picture. Hasn’t a thing to do with God’s dream, and yet a brilliant mind, his choice of language, his choice of words, perfect! But my laziness allowed me to see this thing coming into being. Well, how many saw it last night, I don’t know. Here was this considered brilliant, brilliant mind analyzing exactly what we as a country should do. ___(??) influence ___(??) write the President, he may be persuaded, I don’t know. That’s not what to do. Close your eyes just a little bit and see what you want to see. Don’t hate anyone in this world.

If you want to leave something behind, leave it behind, but don’t just rub it out. Leave it behind you; others can enjoy it. What I discard today someone will enjoy tomorrow. I have a lovely maid…I don’t wear things out before I give them away, because I don’t want people to give me something worn out. And so if something…just a little broken seam…I will say, “Now, Doris, there’s a broken seam on this shirt, you take it.” So my wife said to me tonight, “Neville, she’ll catch on after awhile and she’ll make a little broken seam there.” I said, “No she won’t, perfectly alright.” So you just don’t wear a thing out and give it away, someone will use it. So don’t think for one moment what others will do with it. What do you want in this world? Do you want to be wealthy? If you really want to be wealthy you can be, if you want to be healthy, to be known. I don’t care what you want to be in this world on this level, it’s all within the framework of God’s plan because you and he are one in the depths of your soul.

I heard the words distinctly “he laid himself down within you to sleep and as he slept he dreamed a dream.” He didn’t lay himself down out there to dream me; he is in me dreaming me. So when sitting in this New York City or in my dream standing in this little corridor wondering, “Where am I dreaming? There’s someplace where I must be sound asleep dreaming this. Well, if this is a dream, where am I dreaming?” And I couldn’t bring it back, I just couldn’t remember where I fell asleep to dream this dream, but I must be dreaming someplace. And then I felt myself on the bed and then that wonderful whimsical little feeling, “You asked for it.” But, oh what a revelation! And then comes the memory of that moment in time when I walked with this enormous crowd towards this invisible heavenly state. The voice said to me, “I laid myself down within you to sleep, and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed…” and I knew exactly what he is dreaming, that he’s me, and when I awake from this dream I am he. He and I are one. So this is the story.

So tonight, take your glorious dream, your wonderful dream, I don’t care what it is. Make it fit that wonderful statement in the Sermon of the Mount: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Does it fit that? Alright, then the dream is perfect. Let it fit that statement, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, and if that fits it, well, then dream it. See it clearly in your mind’s eye and believe in the reality of this imaginal act and it will come to pass. No power in the world can stop it. And then will come this fantastic experience in your life when everything said of Jesus Christ you will experience.

I was coming home from a funeral about a year ago and a lady said to me (who drove the car)…first of all she said, “You know our friends in the back”—-and it’s a lovely, sweet Japanese couple—-and she said to me, “They are Catholics.” Well, I was pleasantly surprised, because automatically you think of Japanese as Buddhist…at least I did. She said, “They are Catholics.” Then said she to me, “I’m a Christian Scientist” and I said, “That’s alright.” Then she said to me, “What are you?” I said, “I’m a Christian.” She said, “I took that for granted, but I mean what kind of Christian? Are you a Catholic, are you Protestant?” I said, “No, just a Christian.” Well, that made no sense whatsoever to her, “I’m a Christian.” “Well, you must be a Protestant of some kind or you must be a Catholic of some kind. You’re not a Christian Scientist?” I said no. “Are you Unity?” No. “Religious Science?” “No, none of these isms whatsoever, I’m just a Christian.” And then I thought, well now, can she take it? Then I told her, “I’m a Christian because Christ has been resurrected in me. He’s been born in me. He’s discovered the Son of God as his Son in me. He has lifted himself up in me in serpentine form. He’s split the temple of my body in me. And then the dove descended upon me and smothered Jesus Christ in me with affection.” That was ___(??) and they all returned home. So whether she thinks me insane or not, I don’t really know. But that is my story. I’m a Christian because I have experienced the Christian mystery, not because of the accident of birth.

So I say to everyone here, you will one day—-and I say to everyone—-you will have the identical experience because there is only that story to be told in the world. There is no other story. They try to make it into all kinds of forms, yet there is no other story. The story of God’s salvation: He emanated himself; fell in love with his emanation; took himself through the dream-world which is a horrible state; and then completely limited himself to his emanation and they fused and became one; and then God awoke and he and his emanation, his bride, were one.

Now let us go into the Silence.

  • * *

Q: Why in Revelation are there seven candlesticks and seven…sorry, I can’t remember all of them?

A: Well, my dear, every number in scripture has a symbolical value. Not only seven in Revelation, you find the twelve in Revelation and the 144.000 in Revelation, all kinds of numbers. Like my experience this morning with the six—-I got off at the sixth floor. It’s a simple little thing, why get off on the sixth floor? There are six floors…if you have more than six…but if it was not just a sixth floor, it would be man. Well, seven in scripture is simply completion. On the seventh day he rested. It’s the mystical sense of finished and the eight is a new beginning. So the seven is completion, it comes to an end. But the eight is the important one in scripture, because on the eighth day he rose, which is the first of a new age. There are seven days, so the next day would be an eight; and on that first day of the new week he rose, therefore the eight. The beginning, yes, but there is no beginning or end to an eight. Almost like the hour glass, there’s no beginning or end on the beginning or the end. So seven is completion, the work is finished, and he rested.

Q: Neville, you have used the expression “Woodland” for this plane that we live in, would this be equated with the dream of God? A: Yes, this is Woodland. This is the most important, as far as I am concerned. To be here in this world, to be born through the womb of woman, is the most important thing in the entire creation…to come through the womb of woman into this world. And those who have not entered this world—-and there are unnumbered—-they look upon it wisely as death. It is death. We don’t believe it’s death; we think this is the only living world. But to them, they call it Woodland and this is simply eternal death. As Blake said, “Those in Great Eternity, who contemplate on Death”-—meaning this world—-“said thus, ‘What seems to be is to those to whom it seems to be, and is productive of the most dreadful consequences, to those to whom it seems to be, even of torment and despair and eternal death.’” So in this world, what seems to be…just as we said earlier, does it really seem to be? Can I be self-persuaded, though reason denies it, that it is all in this world of death? “But Divine Mercy steps beyond and redeems Man in the body of Jesus.”

So here, this world is Woodland. As we’re told in the 8th chapter of the Book of Mark: “And when the eye was opened he was asked, ‘What do you see?’ He said, ‘I see men as trees walking’” (verse 24). I recall vividly, one night—-and I told this story in San Francisco and there was such a strange reaction I haven’t told it since—-but I saw this politician. He’s now gone from this world. He was one of the important men within the Socialist party, a great opponent of Churchill, a Welshman, ___(??) was his name. You might have read about him or heard about him. Well, in vision I saw him and I saw him take this tree and put it on his head, a huge branch, all like a huge big stag. And he tried to jump off this cliff and float as it were, and he fell flat on his face. He got up, took this thing back on his head again, and made several attempts to really be this thing. And I knew that was not the answer: you can’t put it from the outside. That’s what he was trying to do with Socialism in England. He was trying to do all these things on the outside from man. You can’t do it. It has to come from the inside.

So you do grow these things. If you ever saw them psychically, it’s a most amazing sight. You look like the most fantastic stag, yet you’re human. But they grow from the inside, the tree grows out. We are the Tree of Life. And nature…all the wise men of the world…we’re told, “All of the gods of the Earth and the Sea sought through Nature to find this tree; but their search was all in vain, there grows one in the human brain” (Blake, Human Abstract). Until it starts growing on the inside, it grows up, and then you see a majestic, flowering thing that grows from man. As Paul said, “Now, henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness.” For he said, “The time for my departure is come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness” (2 Tim. 4:6). Well, it grows from within…the tree turns up…after the body is split, all of the energies that went down into generation are turned up into regeneration and that wonderful thing grows from your head. This crown grows from within, and you have a majesty beyond the wildest dream of man. You don’t put a crown on your head as the queen does, with all of these artificial things that are dead. This crown grows from within, and you have a majesty beyond the wildest dream in this world growing out of you. You are the majestic being, so everything grows out of this wonderful skull of man where God entombed himself.

So in this world, seen from above, before it starts to grow—and they can’t see that, that doesn’t belong to this age at all—-they see it all as dead and they call it Woodland. So when the eye was opened, what do you see?—-“I see men as trees walking. ” But when we enter the new age, we enter the new age just as you see the wonderful stag, when he first breaks forth and the little things begin to appear on his head, they come from within. They get bigger and bigger and bigger as he grows into this majestic creature. And it never stops growing. So the tree was felled, and everything was felled, and then the leaves were torn off, the limbs were severed, branches were scattered, and no bird could find any rest, and no shade for the animal. But as you’re told, do not disturb the root, let it grow and let the dew of heaven water it. The dew of heaven watered it and then it began to grow (Dan. 4:14). So God is the one that fell; that was the Tree of Life that fell.

He fell in me. So he came down into generation; and then my wonderful dream that was a nightmare; and then comes the turning up of the energy that went into generation into regeneration. Then, if you could see it psychically, you’d wonder, how could you get into this house? But no three-dimensional barrier could stop it. What you were in glory you bring into anything; but you could not possibly enter this room if the room could stop it.